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2021 Planner

Start planning your year 2021 today. With this 436 page journal, page for everyday, a line for every business hour & a page for 3 years starting with 2021.

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Herbs improving your Personal Life

Herbs are an option available to treat those aches and pains. We use natural herbs to improve health. Herbs can be grown in your backyard. You can buy them in grocery stores or health stores. Perhaps even grow herbs on the kitchen window ledge.

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Face Mask To Keep the Droplets to Yourself

Face mask for Covid, telling of your intention not to spread the virus, and showing your willingness to keep the general populous safe, with its three layers.

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I Wear This With Empathy, face mask

Keep safe with this empathy mask from Eliza Gold
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What Inspires Action?

What gets you up and taking action? Sometimes a reset is needed in the day via meditation, or by reading inspirational saying in the featured book.

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Meditation Book, The Contemplative Brain.

The Contemplative Brain: Meditation, Phenomenology, and Self-Discovery from a Neuroanthropological Point of View The Contemplative Brain offers a comprehensive exploration… read more Meditation Book, The Contemplative Brain.

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Meditation Book Recommended.

Mindfulness meditations are a great way to cultivate awareness and acceptance of the here and now―Practicing Mindfulness makes it easy and… read more Meditation Book Recommended.

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What kinds of Meditation Are There? Types of Meditation

What different types of meditation are there? On this page five types of meditation are described.

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What Meditation Does

Meditation can help to reduce stress, stress builds up as a chemical called cortisol this is secreted by the adrenal… read more What Meditation Does

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Are Meditation Cushions necessary?

Questions answered that pop up about meditation, such as, are meditation pillows necessary?

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What Is Meditation?

Why meditate, what are the benefits of meditation and just what is meditation anyways? Find some answers here.