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Are Meditation Cushions necessary?

For people who are relatively new to meditating, it may seem like there are an overwhelming amount of accessories and trapping that accompany meditation, while it is true they are nice and can make you more comfortable but none of it is necessary.

What is important for meditation is your connection to “the universe” or “source” call it whatever you are comfortable with, it doesn’t change the essence. It can take quite thirty days or longer of consistent daily meditations for this to happen, it sounds corny but it is literally up to you, it is not something you can force it is more a natural progression, trying to force will have the opposite effect, and create negativity.

Having said that, if any of the extras that can be bought for meditation appeal to you go ahead and get them just don’t expect them to be a magical devise to achieve your meditation goals, (unless of course, it was to buy things). I have included affiliate links to products for you to look at.

Are Meditation and Yoga the Same Thing?

While yoga does include meditation it is not the same thing.

Are Meditation and Hypnosis the Same?

Although when meditating it could feel like you are in a hypnotic state or vice versa, but no the two things are quite different.

Are Meditation and Mindfulness the Same Thing?

This is a good one, meditation is a good method of being mindful, to be mindful is to be toughly aware of your now, when meditating be present.

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