Compassion for Life

Working out what it is that brings you joy.

For me there are many things;

  • Compassion for life
  • Creativity
  • Gratitude
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Mental wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Environmental concerns

I love to watch things grow and flourish, complete their life cycle naturally as they do.

Compassion For life. For my perennial plants, it is good to see them flower every year, as they get older things happen a plant dies, at the same time it can be continued with cuttings and seeds. There are plants that I have trouble with, it is particularly difficult to grow plants in my yard, it is overshadowed or I should say over Pineconed, by a big coniferous tree it produces soil conditions not conducive to many of the bulbs, flowers and other plants I find attractive, also there’s the example of herbs, and to mention a large ant colony, that sees to its growth, at the demise of seeds, bulbs, and seedlings that I have planted, can’t get them to last very long. However, I do not give up and plan to set up a hydroponic system next.

It’s rewarding to know I have helped give a joyful well cared for life to rescued animals when their natural time comes I hold on to the knowledge that they had a good home and fun on the planet with good medical assistance when needed, while they were here. It is important for me to remember that trying to hold on to their physical suffering body is just selfishness, nothing lasts forever.

My compassion for life also drives me to listen, particularly to the birds, spring brings the Robins, who have a lovely song, I look forward to their arrival every year, for me, it resonates with happiness and joy. Of course, many other birds follow filling the air with their glorious songs, it is not always possible to see them, but that is good with me, by early summer the woods are filled with song.

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