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Hello, for all intent and purposes I am Eliza Gold.

This is the website of Eliza Gold, bringing you insights thoughts a perspective of living your joy, doing things that make you happy, and along the way bringing you the inspiration to move forward towards making monetary gain from those passions, enabling the ideal lifestyle, let’s face it spending a third of your life doing things you don’t want to is no way to live.

Uniqueness this is the shinning brilliant light that is you, one of a kind, which if you think about it is quite amazing considering all the fabulous amazing people that have been and will be on this earth.

By the way part of my uniqueness is photos, not keen on personal pictures so the glorious featured photo is gonna probably it.

You/we are a collection of the thoughts, the thoughts, and behaviors we have, are grown with from the environments, and the influences that surround us as we started development as physical beings and continue to grow. For example; if a person grows up in a musical family, where there is always somebody playing an instrument, singing-songwriting practicing going on, this has a differing influence from that of a person surrounded by those concerned with work and earning money and pleasing the boss, of course, more than one thing at a time affects us.

All the wonderful encounters/happenings we have, as we progress through life come about from the thoughts we have. In effect, we create our own realities, what do you see as you look around you, how do you interpret it?

What is important to you, what drives you to do what you do? For example I rescue worms, not all worms just occasionally at random, you know after a few hrs of rain they are all stretched out on the pavement and sidewalks, this is great for the Robins and all other worm eating birds. Now here is my why; I’m compassionate and like balance between and fairness between all.

What kind of reality do you weave for yourself? Perhaps you have heard of the old new clique, ‘you are what you think’, consider how you perceive the world, is it full of tricksters and thieves, liars and cheats, people whose goal, it seems to you is to get something from you where you pay the price. Or Do you see people as doing the best they can, a lot of it has to do with how you see yourself and what kind of behaviors you allow, do you respect yourself enough not to put up with b***s–t (pardon the profanity) for example I have friends (yes it’s true) we arrange to meet, we arrange a time and place and show up. This is mutual respect we have for each other. I am the friend that always shows up if I say I will, very occasionally there are expectations, but notice will be texted. So my default is to expect this of everyone until proven otherwise. If you come across people who do not follow through, still go on expecting the best, but don’t be a mug. (victim)

So my thoughts are, find your purpose through the passions and good emotions you feel, work on what gives you joy.

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