Face Mask To Keep the Droplets to Yourself

three layer face mask
Keeping the droplets in the mask and not spreading them around
three layer face mask
Three-layered face mask


This is a three-layer mask, which is the recommended layer level to meet health hygiene standards however you can still add another disposable mask under it to go that extra mile.

Mask wearers do it out of empathy, as we realize how much disease is spread through droplets from our mouths and noses it is good practice to use them out of empathy for other people.

Interestingly there have been almost zero cases of influenza this winter season,  it is not for lack of testing, many tests have been done and none found, this is mostly accredited to mask-wearing and social distancing rules.

At first, the authorities did not recommend wearing a face mask in the western world, but then the W.H.O  changed their mind and started insisting that face masks are worn to prevent the droplets from mouths and noses from landing on surfaces and being picked up by hands and subsequently placed on touchers face. Also, they prevent the direct spread of covid, flu, and colds, because as we talk droplets are expelled from the mouth especially with the pronunciation of the letter ‘P’ and could land on the person being talked to, this is the reasoning behind the social distancing rule, probably most sneezes do not reach beyond 2 meters.

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