Pandemic Unprecedented Times

A little has to be said about the current state of things in the world, as we are in a pandemic situation, these are (a favorite saying of today) unprecedented times.

This COVID 19 virus has not been taken lightly, it’s a serious thing, so prolific, it spreads so quickly and easily, that had not actions been taken the way they wore, the world would be missing a lot more people. There was the bartender in Germany who worked when he felt under the weather, (turns out he had COVID) every glass he touched spread the virus to a large percentage of the recipients. Of course, they then spread it to people and so on.

Now there are resurgences of cases, in some of the countries numbers are higher now than when there was full lockdown, check out this graph looks like Brazil and USA are the worse, (as of 26/6/20) over four million in the USA, 16 million globally a jump of about 250,000 since yesterday. Unfortunately, the economy suffers so much when people are not out and about spending. Masks are starting to become mandatory in many countries, for people in public indoor places.

Good thing the toilet paper situation calmed down, can’t understand what that was all about.

The news that COVID 19 has lingering health consequences for some people, even after recovery is unsettling, the way its effects differ from case to case, how it attacks the body, a vaccine could be the answer to eliminating it, imagine if there had never been any vaccines, smallpox, rickets, polio the list goes on, would still be commonplace.

What will the world look like next year?

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