2021 Planner

Here is a planner for the year 2021


  • Line for every business hour
  • Page for everyday
  • Page for years 2021, 2022, 2023.

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    Perfect for booking appointments in the year 2021 either for via Zoom/Skype, phone or in person during business hours as there is a page for every day.
    Start planning the year ahead, pages for every day
    also features three-year calendars for 3 years

    The purpose of the saying on the cover is to encourage living in the moment, as the planner can schedule the days hours the mind can be freer and more able to appreciate the moments that occur unexpectedly at any given moment, as it is not possible to plan these things. If you find that a moment is particularly memorable make a note of it in the ‘must do today’ space at the bottom of the page.

    Look inside, first four pages, [not in order]

    Appreciation of the moments of the day can be thought of in contrast as without contrast it is not possible to see the good and the ‘not so good’, for example, if it was sunny time all we could not appreciate it for we would know no difference. So we can be thankful for the rain, the snow, and the nights as well, and could make a note of that as well, to attain balance.

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