Q: What makes you, you. A: The things you choose to do, how you think and react in situations. Some people choose to walk.

Going for a walk/hike every day is a thing I do for enjoyment, it’s also a great way to exercise. The intensity varies depending on, speed, slope & duration.

Even when living in a city it is possible to have a pleasant walk, usually, there is a river valley and/or green spaces to enjoy, perhaps a short car trip is necessary to get there, however just stepping out of the door is enough, just start walking down the street see where that takes a person.

By choice, the Rocky Mountains are my home, it’s so beautiful here and there are a whole lot of trails to explore, It is possible to go for 30 minutes or 8 hours if whichever is desired to just by stepping outside. Generally, I will try and push myself to get out of breath for five to ten minutes at a time while raking up the steps to as close to ten thousand as possible.

Many people love to run, this is something I have done for about two years, however, I prefer to walk up steep-ish slopes as it challenges the cardiovascular system and is much kinder to my physical being. It’s worth noting though, that when running, stretching is more of an automatic necessity, so when walking remembering to stretch is more of a test, for me anyway.

So part of my uniqueness is going for a walk every day, think about what you enjoy doing daily.

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