What Inspires Action?

For as many different people there are in the world there are that many triggers for motivation. Don’t get me wrong there are also many that are the same, such as money, that is a popular one, but the combinations of why we all want to create it is different.

What gets a person up and doing things? The motivation behind the action is personal, usually it can all be summed up in feelings, how does it make you feel when you think about something, for example think of a ‘cat’ for some that will bring up irritation, or fear or others find them adorable and cute they will have feeling of loving warmth. There is a range of combinations of feels.

If I want to evoke some feelings and I am having a hard time summoning motivation, I’ll find a movie to watch, the kind of movie that gets me inspired to put into action the things I need and want to do.

Of course, how a person thinks of themselves has a lot to do with it too, If there are negative thoughts popping into the mind the odd disparaging voice giving it the “naa what you bothering with that for it’s never going to amount to anything you’re wasting your time” shut it up with a dismissive swish of your wrong, and give it no more time to grow. Think of yourself as a doer and an achiever, celebrate the little steps you take to complete the big picture.

Remember it all starts with the thoughts you put in your head. The things you keep thinking will become your beliefs, so why keep thinking of how great you are doing, one step at a time, always moving forward.

Meditation is a good method of switching off and restarting, this can be a way to retarget what you think about.