why meditation is good

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is dimming down of the activity of our minds disregarding personal judgment, just for a while, no need to keep constantly reminding yourself of things needed to be done just meditate everything can just fade to the background. Fifteen minutes a day is all it takes, just be sure to be consistent, do it every day.

Why Meditate?

There are definite benefits if you keep doing it, you will find out what they are as you do it. I believe that the experience is different for every individual. Some people such as Abraham Hicks who has in the minds of some reached the pinnacle of meditation being in a transcendental state of mind, able to see our physical world with a new perspective. While having a wealth of knowledge and understanding, and the peace of harmony/balance that comes with it.

How Could Meditation Benefit Me?

Have you ever seen those movies with the serene Monk in them? It’s like that, you learn to calm the mind, some obtain inner peace and gain a tranquil mind. Meditation has beneficial effects it can help enhance your compassion for life.

Meditation Gentle Ocean Waves 15 Minutes

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