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What kinds of Meditation Are There? Types of Meditation

So There are potentially over 800 meditation methods this page goes through 5 of them.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation. Probably the easiest, by just letting thoughts flow through the mind as an observer giving them no emotion, then attention is put on breathe.
  2. Spiritual Meditation. Practiced by some Daoist and Hindus, this is more a kind of prayer meditation as in seeking a better connection with your god or universe, people use smell to enhance the experience such as incense or essential oils.
  3. Focus Meditation, is to focus attention on sound like a gong or chimes or music with a repetitive beat, focus can be utilized through sight as well by staring at a candle or a sightly moving screen or a fire.
  4. Movement Meditation can be done by just letting the mind clear and not thinking of doing a dance you know well, practicing Thi chi going for a walk.
  5. Mantra Meditation, also used by Buddhists, the mind is cleared through repeating a voice sound made by yourself such as the popular om.

Perhaps practicing different types of meditation has distinctive effects on various parts of the brain, so in practicing many kinds the minds paths can be altered into a more euphotic state with months or years of practice, depending on a persons habitual process.

It has been proved through studies that the mind can be affected in positive ways through the persistent system of meditation. (1)

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