Wildlife – The Bears

Seeing Bears while Hiking, can be great.

So when walking sometimes I see bears, none of the encounters where as memorable as the one with the elk that turned though.

There have been several bears on my hikes some are, happily strolling along, or eating, the first bear I saw while out hiking, was a baby bear up a tree, I did not stick around to see the mother. The only reason the bear was brought to my attention was my dog barking incessantly he was partly Karelian bear dog and pointed out every bear in our vicinity during his lifetime,

Seen bears sitting and eating, they look up and carry on, I saw three on the golf course, they looked like big piles of leavers or garbage sacs, but then they moved so realizing how lucky I was to see three big bears together, I continued on the path that goes up and around the area they where in on a steep path that was a narrow ridge going around the valley bottom they stood in, this is a good none problematic location to be in considering the situation.

Just today 26 September 2020, I was thinking to myself as I happily walked down the path in the light of pre-dawn, how great it is that the dog I have now also barks when he detects a bear, knowing this for a fact as he had proved it to be a couple of days ago. That day I had the honor to see a beautiful black bear with a brown snout, looked quite a young, maybe all dogs do this?! Not sure. So today there I was poop bag in hand waiting for the process to complete when there was a rustle in the bushes and my dog starts barking like there was a bear. Thinking that this could possibly be the same bear.

Anyhow so sorry folks but I did not re-located the organic matter my dog left behind, as I left the area hurriedly. I was going to pick it up but my dogs continual barking told me that it was a bad idea., I couldn’t ignore that. It was probably the same bear, it seems to be staying away from people so far, as long as it doesn’t find any food outside while it’s around the houses, it will probably end up dead if it does, hopefully, it will just scamper away unharmed and go find a nice cave somewhere for the winter.

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